Come One, Come All!

Note: This was originally posted in June. I'm reposting it for two reasons. 1) I've had a monster of a cold and 2) Hannah is coming to Fort Collins! She will be here for a few days the week of Dec. 11th. We've just begun to plan and have all sorts of ideas for special events. We're thinking dinner out, of course a meet and greet, Hannah is going to dye us a special color to celebrate, and more. We'll get you firm dates and more information soon. 

The circus has come to town! Or, rather, Circus Tonic Handmade yarn has arrived at My Sister Knits! All the way from Australia, to boot!

Hannah Ginn lives in a suburb of Adelaide, South Australia, and used to be a molecular geneticist! The variety of professions independent yarn dyers have before they turn to dyeing full time is mind-boggling! Dyeing yarn is truly both a science and an art.

Hannah gets her color inspiration from nature in Australia, from birds to plants to skies and everything in between. Give yourself a treat and look at a few of the spectacular birds one can see flying around daily Down Under! The Rainbow Lorikeet is especially common. I had one eating out of my hand on my last trip!

We have two of Hannah’s yarns. Tatwij Organic DK is a non–superwash Merino that knits up more like a heavy DK/light worsted weight. We highly suggest swatching before using it, which will be a pleasure because of the feel of this heavenly yarn! The 100g skeins have 218 yards. The color palette is softer than the colors on a Lorikeet, more like a Galah. 

We also have Dathliad BFL Sock. Bluefaced Leicester (BFL) is stronger than Merino and is often used for socks because of that strength. Dathliad’s high twist gives this yarn even more strength and stitch definition. Complex stitch patterns and textured stitches will show off beautifully!

One of the characteristics of this yarn that stands out immediately is how so many of the colorways would work together beautifully in a project! Let your eyes roam over the selection on our sock wall and you’ll see what I mean. 

We hope to see you pulling skeins off the wall to see which ones you want to use together soon!

Happy knitting,


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