Different Projects, Different Weights

There’s always something new happening at My Sister Knits! Julie and Diana discovered the Durand Cowl, designed by Tara-Lynn Morrison, and it’s our current obsession.

Durand Cowl using one skein of Woolstok North

The pattern calls for super bulky weight yarn. Julie and Diana thought they’d like it better if it was a little bit smaller than the original. Being the intrepid knitters they are, they changed the number of cast on stitches and the needle size and now we have a version using one skein of Woolstok North from Blue Sky Fibers! We love this cowl knitted with Julie and Diana’s modifications!

A few of our colors of North!

Then they took it one step further and looked around the shop for yarn combinations that would approximate the super bulky weight! The three of us had fun letting our imaginations run wild. Quickly we came up with several possibilities.

Woolstok Tweed and Borstet Alpakka in just a few of our colors!

One could hold a strand of aran weight Woolstok Tweed with a strand of bulky weight Borstet Alpakka from Sandness Garn. Or how about two strands of Blue Sky bulky weight Techno for a super luscious light-weight cowl? Techno with something else? 

Woolstok Techno!

There are so many options! Two worsteds together would be fun to try. This cowl knits up so quickly that you could have a pile of different ones in no time! Each yarn combination will create a unique look and feel and we can’t wait to see your creations. 

On the opposite end of the scale, we’re finding projects we love for our new Ito Sensai. We can’t get enough of the glorious colors! Right now I have the Churchmouse Classic Mohair Bias Loop on my needles. You’ll be able to see it in the shop just as soon as I finish it. We also have a Sophie made with it and a brand new sample, Wavelength, on display. 

Wavelength in Sensai; notice the textures!

Wavelength, designed by Georgia Farrell, holds two strands of Sensai together for a sumptuously soft little scarf. The subtle texture really stands out in a light colored yarn and it reflects Georgia’s love of modern architectural shapes and patterns.This is a brand new pattern just published in September and we predict it will be tremendously popular!

Sock Drive

Help us have a strong  finish to our October Sock Drive! We haven’t hit our goal of 1,000 pairs of socks yet so keep bringing them in! They are vitally important to keep feet warm and dry and to prevent skin breakdown, blisters, and infection. Our homeless population’s main mode of transportation is walking and socks are a top-requested item at shelters. Thank you in advance for remembering to bring some to the shop!

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